Monday, June 6, 2011

josh goot

the new josh goot collection, illustrates fashion as art, at its best: the structural elements, bright hues and his trademark prints. this collection is really evidence of goot's revolution in style, its much fresher with its tailored midi-lengths and themes of 'urban sportswear' .

fashion gone rogue


  1. <3 bambino

    great post and blog:))

  2. These pieces really are walking art! The prints looks like they're in motion - just so cool!

    Thanks for visiting us, your blog is lovely!

    -j, your newest follower :)
    sorelle in style

  3. It is like architecture. Beautiful structure to the skirts.........lovely.... wonderful posts!!

    hope to hear from you*!

  4. Agreed, he's a bit of a genius.

  5. Great post!! i love when designers make clothes that look like they belong to an art gallery..haha
    thanks for stopping by my blog! i'll be following you!